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Metkinen Chemistry

Metkinen is a Finnish company that develops and markets reagents for DNA and RNA synthesis.

Metkinen Chemistry uses a novel biotransformation technology which has enabled the cost-effective commercial production of purine nucleoside analogues for use in the development of oligonuceotide therapeutics and for research applications.

Metkinen Chemistry produces Universal Solid Support (USII) on CPG and on Macroporous Aminomethyl Polystyrene. Solid support would be appropriate for the production of DNA oligos, long and short, as well as those requiring mild deprotection. It is also compatible with the synthesis of RNA and siRNA. The reagent used for the cleavage/dephosphorylation step is commercially available and the procedures described are fully compatible with high-throughput synthesis.

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Address: Liekokatu 2, 21620, Kuusisto, Finland
Telephone number: 358 40 543374
Fax number: 358 2 2462952
Web page:

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