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Synchem OHG

Synchem OHG synthesis rare chemicals from the area of organic chemistry. Synchem OHG offers a comprehensive product range from building blocks to intermediates and reagents for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, research institutes and analytic laboratories.

The laboratories execute syntheses in the range of 1-1000g. Synchem OHG provides over 2000 products in catalog quantities; most are unique to our company. Key product strengths include: Heterocycles (Pyridines, Pyrazines, Pyrimidines and Indoles), bioluminescent substrates (Luciferin, Coelenterazin) and reference compounds (Pesticide, Hydrocarbon, Metabolites).

Custom synthesis is one part of our business. Synchem OHG has a broad experience in synthesis of any organic molecule. We synthesize drugs, intermediates, metabolites, analytics and a wide range of rare organic chemicals in gram-scale. We offer very competitive prices, fast delivery and high quality products. We also undertake custom synthesis for small quantities.

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Address: Am Kies 2, D-34587 Felsberg / Altenburg, Germany
Telephone number: +49 (0) 5662 40873-0
Fax number: +49 (0) 5662 40873-20
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