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Zerenex Molecular Ltd

Zerenex Molecular is a leading supplier of unique research chemicals (building blocks, natural products and API's) as well as an established provider of chemistry solutions to the life science industry.

We specialize in:
•Early stage proof-of-concept (POP) projects to validate biological hypotheses
•Validation of screening hits for exploratory medicinal chemistry (hit-to-lead)
•Intermediates for expediting med chemistry SAR campaigns
•Drug candidates for in vivo studies
•Reference agents for bio-profiling
•Reference metabolites
•Building blocks for combinatorial chemistry
•Key intermediates for pharmaceuticals
•Key intermediates for biomaterial and biosensor applications.

Our current collection of building blocks which includes our unique Novel Chemical Entities – NCE™ building blocks and rare screening compounds exceeds over 40,000 and is continuously growing through both our in-house compound synthesis and global acquisitions program. All of our compounds are available from grams to 100's of grams. Many can also be synthesized in larger quantities upon request.

As well as supplying novel building blocks we now also offer a range of unique boronic acids that can be used in a variety of coupling reactions i.e. Suzuki coupling, palldium coupling etc.

Contact Information

Address: 12 Manningham Road, Greater Manchester, BL3 5QS, UK
Telephone number: +44 (0) 1204 527700
Fax number: +44 (0) 1204 527700
Web page:

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