• Molecular Formula: C10H12O
  • Molecular Weight: 148.205 g/mol
Registry Numbers for Estragole:
  • Cas Number: 140-67-0
  • EINECS Number: -
  • MDL Number: -
  • Smiles: C(=C)CC1=CC=C(OC)C=C1

Suppliers of Estragole

Supplier: Extrasynthese
Catalog Number: 5125
Synonym Chemical Name(s):
Methylchavicol; 1-allyl-4-methoxybenzene; 4-allylphenyl methyl ether; 1-Methoxy-4-(2-propen-1-yl)benzene; 1-methoxy-4-(2-propenyl)benzene; 3-(p-methoxyphenyl)propene; 4-allyl-1-methoxybenzene; 4-allylanisole; p-methoxyallylbenzene; chavicol methyl ether;Chavicyl methyl ether; Esdragol; Esdragon; Isoanethole; Methyl chavicol; Tarragon; 1-Allyl-4-methoxy-benzene
Synthesis Reference(s): Synthesis, p. 701, 1983
Journal of Organic Chemistry 1994, 59 (17), 4717-4718.
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