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Molinspiration is an independent research organization focused on development and application of modern cheminformatics techniques, especially in connection with the internet.

Molinspiration offers broad range of cheminformatics software tools supporting molecule manipulation and processing, including SMILES and SDfile conversion, normalization of molecules, generation of tautomers, molecule fragmentation, calculation of various molecular properties needed in QSAR, molecular modelling and drug design, high quality molecule depiction, molecular database tools supporting substructure search or similarity and pharmacophore similarity search.

Our products support also fragment-based virtual screening, bioactivity prediction and data visualization.

Molinspiration tools are therefore platform independent and may be run on any PC, Mac, UNIX or LINUX machine. The software is distributed in a form of toolkits, which may be used as stand-alone computational engines, used to power web-based tools, or easily incorporated into larger in-house Java applications.

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Address: Nova ulica 61, SK-900 26 Slovensky Grob, Slovak Republic
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