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Compound Libraries Suppliers

The listed companies offer collections of compounds that provide a variety of chemically diverse structures that can be used to identify structure types that have affinity with pharmacological targets.

Exclusive Chemistry Ltd

For research companies we offer a library of drug-like small molecules for drug discovery research. It is arranged on the basis of the structure fragments of compounds with known biological activity. Exclusive Chemistry's products are listed in our database. Use the following links to browse Exclusive Chemistry's chemicals: Organic Chemicals | Chemicals for R&D | Various HDAC Inhibitors | CFTR Inhibitors
www.exchemistry.com more info

Aurora Fine Chemicals Ltd USA/Austria

Aurora Fine Chemicals designs and supplies small compound library for drug discovery and drug-like compound libraries. The Aurora's catalogue contains more than 6.9 million real and stocked compounds.
www.aurorafinechemicals.com more info

Princeton BioMolecular Research USA

Princeton BioMolecular Research is an experienced and reliable source of compounds for major pharmaceutical and agricultural companies. Our compound libraries are designed to possess drug-like properties. Our Virtual Library consists of over 1,000,000 compounds made to order.
www.princetonbio.com more info

Key Organics Ltd United Kingdom

Key Organics Ltd has available on a non-exclusive basis a diverse, synthetic organic compound library suitable for HTS. The database currently contains 43,179 compounds, typically 90% of the database is available ex-stock (1 mg amount) at any time.
www.keyorganics.ltd.uk more info

AsisChem USA

AsisChem is a worldwide provider of high quality compounds for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies for high throughput screening and drug discovery.
www.asischem.com more info

Nanosyn USA

Nanosyn is a chemistry-based company specializing in the design, synthesis and analysis of small organic compounds for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.
www.nanosyn.com more info

TimTec, Inc. USA

TimTec's present collection of stock structures exceeds 160,000 of readily available synthetic organic compounds. All compounds are available on a cherry-pick basis in vials and/or microplates in custom amounts.
www.timtec.net more info

AnalytiCon Discovery Germany

AnalytiCon Discovery GmbH is a biotechnology company focusing on the development of compound libraries consisting of natural product and synthetic small molecules.
www.ac-discovery.com more info

ChemBridge USA

ChemBridge Corporation is a provider of screening libraries for small molecule drug discovery. ChemBridge’s stock library contains 600,000 diverse drug-like small molecule compounds.
www.chembridge.com more info

Asinex Russia

ASINEX, is a provider of high quality compounds for HTS and medicinal chemistry services. Approximately 400,000 compounds in ASINEX's Gold & Platinum Collections.
www.asinex.com more info

ChemDiv USA

ChemDiv, Inc. is commercial source of diverse discovery chemistry for bio-screening. Now, screening collection contains over 650,000 of individual, highly purified and re-suppliable compounds.
www.chemdiv.com more info

Rare Chemicals Germany

Rare Chemicals is an independent company founded in 1997. Our High-Throughput Screening database contains more than 120.000 different structures.
www.rarechemicals.de more info

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