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ChemPacific Corporation

ChemPacific was established in 1995 with this simple mission: Give customers access to hard-to-find molecules that are safe, reliable and economical.

We uniquely combine research-driven U.S. Laboratories together with cost-effective plants in China. Our Baltimore research laboratories discover and develop products along with performing small-scale cGMP manufacturing. Our plants in China supply high-quality intermediates, fine chemicals, custom chemicals and APIs. The result is quality and reliability at the best possible price.

ChemPacific's custom manufacturing business is a key supplier of custom and fine chemicals with extensive experience in the manufacturing of complex organic molecules. Backed by researchers, engineers and technologies and enabled by our existing production capabilities, we provide services not offered by many other custom and fine chemical providers.

ChemPacific's custom chemical synthesis business offers expertise in developing and manufacturing organic chemicals with small-company flexibility. We routinely scale up from laboratory to commercial manufacturing.

Contact Information

Address: 6200 Freeport Centre, Baltimore, Maryland 21224, USA
Telephone number: +001 410-633-5771
Fax number: +001 410-633-5808
Web page:

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