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SynChem, Inc USA

SynChem, Inc. specialize in custom synthesis of complex organic molecules. Our clients include drug discovery divisions of major pharmaceutical and biotech companies. We offer high quality, custom-made organic chemicals from gram to kilogram scales.
www.synchem.com more info

Leader Pharma Tech LLC USA

Leader Pharma Tech LLC’s custom synthesis business is a key supplier of custom complex organic products. Provides custom synthesis services (CSS) and custom manufacturing in chemical and pharmaceutical products of APIs and intermediates, fine and special chemicals, and nutritional ingredients.
www.leaderpharmatech.com more info

ChemPacific Corporation USA

Our Mission is to provide innovative APIs and intermediates developed by highly-trained scientists and professionals in our U.S. laboratories and Chinese factories.
www.chempacific.com more info

Tyger Scientific Inc. USA

Tyger Scientific Inc. conducts confidential custom chemicals tailored to customer specifications. Tyger has worked with clients to develop fine chemicals, intermediates for a wide range of biotechnological, pharmaceutical and chemical applications. Over eighty percent of Tyger's employees have advanced degrees (Ph.D or M.S) in the related fields.
www.tygersci.com more info

Alsachim France

Alsachim has one of the most experienced team of stable isotope custom synthesis chemists in the industry. Alsachim routinely engages in the multiple step syntheses of complex labeled molecules including, metabolites and drug like compound.
www.alsachim.com more info

Biotium, Inc USA

Biotium, Inc. is a biotechnology company that develops and manufactures fluorescent reagents and other specialty biochemicals.
www.biotium.com more info

FOB Synthesis, Inc. USA

At FOB Synthesis, our skilled and experienced team of chemists can provide custom syntheses of almost any organic compound. We offer preparation of intermediates, reference compounds, starting materials, and derivatives of lead compounds.
www.fobsynthesis.com more info


Our highly experienced custom synthesis and process team can resolve your most demanding chemistry challenges. From synthesis to purification, we can develop novel chemistry or implement your prescribed chemistry with state-of-the-art technologies.
www.scynexis.com more info

Arkè Organics Italy

Arke Organics can provide its customers with a fully qualified set of products and services in the field of organic synthesis, from R&D to process development and custom manufacturing on the g/Kg/pilot scale. Arke Organics' products are listed in our database. Use the following links to browse Arke Organics' chemicals: 1 2.
www.arkeorganics.com more info

Viwit Pharmatech Co., Ltd China

Viwit provides custom synthesis of organic compounds for the chemical, pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries, and to universities and research institutions.
www.viwit.com more info

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