Drug Discovery Services

After initial testing of selected compounds, the verified hits often undergo hit-to-lead analysis in order to progress several sets of compounds into just a few preclinical candidates. Here is a list of drug discovery companies focusing on early-stage drug research.

Aurora Fine Chemicals Ltd USA/Austria

Aurora's structure-based drug design, lead optimization and predictive toxicology supports decision making in drug discovery in every company or organization regardless of its size. Our goal is to create unique service experience for every customer by listening to your requirements and responding to them with innovative initiatives.
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BioFocus DPI United Kingdom

BioFocus DPI provides adenoviral reagents for rapid identification and validation of novel drug targets, natural and synthetic compound libraries for drug screening and ADME database products to select targets and compounds. A compound management service for compound delivery to multiple screening centers is also available.
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NiKem Research Italy

Our mission is to help our clients and partners translate their discovery biology output into preclinical candidates. We offer services in lead generation, lead optimization and early ADMET studies.
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