Isotope Labeled Compounds

The listed companies offer isotope-labeled compounds for protein structure determination, proteomics, metabolic research, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, NMR, PET & MRI/MRS. These companies also perform custom synthesis for stable isotopes.

Medical Isotopes, Inc. USA

Medical Isotopes, Inc. a premier manufacturer of stable isotope chemicals labeled with: Deuterium, C13, N15, O18 and metal isotopes. We offer isotope-labeled products for agriculture, pharmaceutical, NMR, breath tests, nutrition and metabolism, in addition to numerous other labeled isotope products. Medical Isotopes has expert resources to synthesize the custom compounds needed.
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Omicron Biochemicals USA

Omicron Biochemicals, Inc. develops new and improved methods to introduce stable isotopes, primarily carbon-13, deuterium, nitrogen-15 and oxygen-18, into biologically-important compounds. We specialize in the synthesis of isotope-labeled carbohydrates, nucleosides, and their derivatives.
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