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Aurora Fine Chemicals Ltd

Our company was founded in 1990. We adopted the name Aurora Fine Chemicals Ltd. in 1996. Aurora offers a drug discovery and development service, compound libraries and custom organic synthesis for pharmaceutical development and provides expert collaborative research services to the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

Aurora Fine Chemicals is one of the best resources for scientists in the innovative drug design and early-stage drug development projects.

Aurora's process of drug discovery involves the identification of candidates and their synthesis and characterization. Screening and assays for therapeutic efficacy could be provided in cooperation with our partners.

Drug design is another tool for drug discovery, whereby on the base of the target properties Aurora's software picks the specific small molecules from the company's own huge library of chemicals that might fit into an active zone of target. Absolutely new drugs and pharmacophores can emerge within several days from this drug design process.

Aurora Fine Chemicals offers custom peptides of the highest quality, at the most competitive price. We produce peptides from milligram to several hundred gram quantities. The delivery time for custom peptide synthesis may vary dependent upon the peptide length and complexity.

Aurora Fine Chemicals offers about 4.500.000 real compounds available from stock. Aurora's focused compound libraries have an outstanding quality due to the high accuracy of docking and energy calculation. This became possible because a new paradigm in molecular modeling is applying quantum and molecular physics instead of statistical approaches.


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  • Address: 7929 Silverton Avenue, Suite 609, San Diego, CA 92126, USA
  • Telephone number: +1 858 549 4700
  • Fax number: +1 858 549 4701
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