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Adesis, Inc.

The Catalog of Advance Intermediates initiative was initiated in 2003 to support medicinal and combinatorial chemistry efforts. The mission is to provide new building blocks, including those known in the literature but not readily available, that can help solve some of the problems incurred in drug discovery. Such problems include protein-binding, enhance solubility in physiological media, and/or modified P450 metabolic processes. Adesis hopes to fill this niche using a concise progression of core structures, containing minimally two functional groups for orthogonal elaboration, which will be synthetic linchpins for new bioactive compounds.

These functionalized azoles (azaindoles, naphthyridines, pyridines, pyrrolidines, and later imidazoles), based on Adesisís extensive proprietary synthetic expertise, are provided at lower cost vs. custom synthesis. The Adesis design of catalog compounds is governed largely by scientific (pharmaceutical and chemistry) and business considerations, which leverages synthesis technologies that we are proficient in.

Since most of these compounds are not commercially available, Adesis, Inc. is developing in-house chemistry technologies to synthesize these materials. In order to provide a broad range of intermediates, Adesis also offers literature compounds that are thematically relevant to the Advance Intermediates initiative.

We as a company, being end users ourselves of many of these building blocks, are sensitive to inventory. All products advertised are in inventory, with most orders shipped the same day for overnight delivery. There will be occasions, where demand for an advance intermediate is high, when we may need to stage deliveries. However, the customer will always be promptly informed of the true inventory status at the time of quotation.

Adesis' products are listed in our database. Use the following links to browse Adesis' chemicals: 1 2 3 4 5.

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Address: 27 McCullough Drive, New Castle, DE 19720, USA
Telephone number: 302-323-4880
Fax number: 302-323-4879
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