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PepTech Corporation

PepTech Corporation was founded over 10 years ago. The mission of the company is to provide high quality and low cost products and services to the pharmaceutical industry.

PepTech is headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, USA. The chemistry services and custom manufacturing are carried out in our two facilities in Shanghai, China.

We have a 22,000 square feet state-of-the-art R&D center and 6,000 square feet pilot plant. Our analytical center has all the latest equipments including NMR, LCMS, GCMS, GC, analytical HPLC, prep HPLC, Polarimeter, Karl-Fischer titrator to support the synthetic and manufacturing work.

We supply a very wide range of specialty amino acids and novel chiral building blocks for drug discovery researches. Our latest catalog features over 1500 products including over 600 new ones. Most of these products can be shipped from stock.

PepTech Corporation's products are listed in our database. Use the following links to browse PepTech Corporation's chemicals: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10.


Contact Information

  • Address: 20 Mall Road, Suite 460, Burlington, MA 01803 USA
  • Telephone number: 781-273-5400
  • Fax number: 781-273-5401
  • Web page:

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