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Trigona oHG offers synthesis capacity and a variety of versatile building blocks in the multiple kg-range. Trigona is positioned to close the gap between small scale synthesis labs and the 0.5 MT industrial custom synthesis laboratories.

Chemists at Trigona are able to run a complete synthesis program which covers route scouting, sourcing of starting materials, synthesis, processing, analysis, documentation and shipment. Contract research can be carried out, e.g. to develop a process, to explore synthesis pathways and to generate biologically active test compounds.

In addition to standard laboratory equipment Trigona operates a 63L glass lined reactor, a 30L low temperature reactor and a NMR spectrometer. Chemists at Trigona are well trained and experienced, with industrial background to solve synthesis problems fast, innovative and cost efficient.

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Contact Information

  • Address: Rheingaustrasse 190-196, Building E512, 65203 Wiesbaden, Germany
  • Telephone number: +49(0)611-962-5283
  • Fax number: +49(0)611-962-9032
  • Web page:

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