• Molecular Formula: C16H16
  • Molecular Weight: 208.303 g/mol
Registry Numbers for Di-p-xylylene:
  • Cas Number: 1633-22-3
  • EINECS Number: -
  • MDL Number: -
  • Smiles: C12=CC=C(C=C1)CCC3=CC=C(CC2)C=C3

Suppliers of Di-p-xylylene

Supplier: Frinton Laboratories
Catalog Number: FR-0387
Synonym Chemical Name(s):
[2.2]Paracyclophane; Tricyclo[,7]hexadeca-4,6,10,12,13,15-hexaene
Synthesis Reference(s): Organic Syntheses. An annual publication of satisfactory methods for the preparation of organic chemicals. Volume 42, 1962, p. 83
Synthesis, p. 807, 1975
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