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Founded in 1993, and headquartered in Toronto, Canada, ACD/Labs employs a team of over 120 dedicated individuals whose continual efforts carry ACD/Labs' innovative technologies into pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical, and materials companies throughout the world.

Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., is a chemistry software company offering solutions that truly integrate chemical structures with analytical chemistry information. ACD/Labs' innovative software packages aid chemical research scientists worldwide with spectroscopic validation of structures, elucidation of unknown substances, chromatographic separation, medicinal chemistry, preformulation of novel drug agents, systematic nomenclature generation, and chemical patenting and publication.


Contact Information

  • Address: 110 Yonge Street, 14th floor, Toronto, Ontario,
  • Canada M5C 1T4
  • Telephone number: (416) 368-3435
  • Fax number: (416) 368-5596
  • Web page:

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