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Golden Helix, Inc.

Golden Helix, Inc. was founded in September 1998 by Dr. Christophe Lambert (Ph.D., Duke University). Golden Helix, Inc. has assembled a high-caliber team of genetics, statistics, and computer science experts both in-house and through a network of collaborators.

Golden Helix, Inc. creates cutting-edge data analysis software that increases pharmaceutical development productivity and accelerates academic research. Golden Helix aims to improve target discovery, lead discovery, and pharmacogenetics business processes by working closely with its customers to develop customized software solutions for various analytical needs. Golden Helix currently has two proprietary software packages, HelixTree Genetics Analysis Software and ChemTree Drug Discovery Software that already address various needs in the drug discovery and development environment. HelixTree uses a powerful recursive partitioning engine and other advanced genetics analysis algorithms to relate thousands of interacting genes and environmental factors to disease and clinical outcomes. ChemTree is premium in silico prediction tool, which has proven to be the best predictor of which compounds to build and buy next in a sequential screening environment. Golden Helix products have been adopted by 9 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies.


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  • Address: 716 S 20th Avenue, Suite 102, Bozeman, MT 59718, USA
  • Telephone number: + (1) 406-585-8137
  • Fax number: + (1) 406-522-1503
  • Web page:

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