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PharmaDM's software is built upon a foundation of cutting-edge data mining technology, machine learning and statistical engines, as well as a sizable formal chemical knowledge base.

PharmaDM's flagship software product is DMax Chemistry AssistantTM, the tool of choice for QSAR/SAR, compound screening data analysis, and virtual screening. DMax Chemistry AssistantTM automatically finds, formulates and shows scientific hypotheses that best match your observations.

DMax Chemistry AssistantTM has the unique ability to start from individual functional groups and rings and construct hypotheses that combine these building blocks with relational expressions, such as "A is linked to B via a conjugated system". Thus, a priori descriptors or fingerprints are not required. Still, existing properties can be imported. The hypotheses are automatically validated on a separate test set, and can be collectively applied to unseen compounds for virtual screening.


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  • Address: I&I office building, Kapeldreef 60, B-3001 Heverlee, Belgium
  • Telephone number: +32-16-29-84-91
  • Fax number: +32-16-29-84-90
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