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Asinex is a leading chemical library and drug discovery services provider that specializes in creating highly novel scaffolds and associated fragments and compounds that allow the exploration of previously untouched areas of bioactive chemical space.

ASINEX (founded in 1994) has a total of 550,000 compounds. However, size isnít everything, of more importance is the 1500 novel in-house designed lead-like scaffolds, 80% of which have no references in literature. ASINEX has an impressive collection of 45,000 fragments and building blocks (less than 300MW), of which 8,000 are novel. Additionally, targeted libraries are available for kinases, GPCRs, ion channels, proteases, protein-protein interactions and anti-bacterial/anti-infectious targets.

The BioDesign libraries are ASINEX's latest innovation. This represents a synergic compromise between incorporating natural product privileged features and allowing straightforward screening and follow up chemistry. At the heart of the BioDesign concept is the incorporation of saturated, spiro and oxy features along with chirality, 3D geometry and good experimental solubility. ASINEX is focusing on compounds which are highly privileged and at the same time under-represented in commercial sources.


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  • Address: 20 Geroev Panfilovtzev Str. Bldg 1, Moscow 125480, Russia
  • Telephone number: +7 495 780 3415
  • Fax number: +7 495 780 3418
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