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ChemDiv, Inc

ChemDiv Inc. (Chemical Diversity) is a global chemistry-driven contract research organization focused on identifying and delivering discovery opportunities and services for life science partners, and merging industrial and academic efforts to bring new approaches to the treatment of life-threatening diseases.

Over 17 years ChemDiv provides Discovery outSource solutions including medicinal and synthetic chemistry, pre-clinical development, screening libraries, compound management and global logistics.

With its world class capability and infrastructure, ChemDiv is the partner of choice for chemistry-driven drug discovery.

ChemDiv's core expertise includes:

Medicinal Chemistry - Structure-based drug design - In silico modeling - Hit identification and expansion - Lead identification and optimization - Lead scale-up

Synthetic Chemistry - Heterocyclic Chemistry - Organometalic chemistry - Solid support chemistry - Microwave assisted synthesis - Optically active materials

Screening Libraries - Discovery Collection - Targeted Collection (kinase, GPCR, phosphatase, ion channel, protease, antiviral selections) - Biologically Annotated Libraries - More than 10,000 chemical templates representing over 1 million compounds - 200,000 new compounds based on 1,500 new templates developed annually

Integrated Preclinical Development -In vivo Pharmacokinetic Studies -In vivo Toxicology Studies -Single Dose Toxicity Studies -Maximum Tolerated Dose Toxicity Studies -Acute Toxicity Studies -Sub-chronic and Chronic Toxicity studies


Contact Information

  • Address:6605 Nancy Ridge Drive, San Diego, CA 92121, USA
  • Telephone number: +1 858-794-4860
  • Fax number: +1 858-794-4931
  • Web page:

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