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Nansoyn is a privately held, chemistry-based enterprise founded in 1998, by a group of industry experts possessing Ph.D. credentials, specializing in the design, synthesis, and analysis of small molecule organic compounds for the pharmaceutical industry

Nanosyn's pharma libraries consist of compounds selected by medicinal chemists in a two-stage process. Compounds are first evaluated to see that they conform to widely accepted guidelines for pharmaceutical hit structures: "drug-like" structure, low molecular weight - < 600, and absence of reactive fragments.

Next, selected compounds are sorted according to their possible pharmacological properties: stability in serum, toxicity, metabolism. Compounds that are expected to satisfy these two sets of requirements for pharmaceutical leads are used to create plates in the Nanosyn "pharma" library. The remaining compounds, which have interesting chemical structures but contain some undesirable feature (for example, aldehydes and oximes) are available for screening in the Nanosyn "exploratory" library.


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  • Address: 3760 Haven Ave,Menlo Park, California 94025
  • Telephone number: 650-853-7030
  • Fax number: 650.853.7031
  • Web page:

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