Carbohydrate Synthesis Companies

The listed companies offer synthesis of biomedical carbohydrates including oligosaccharides, neoglycoproteins, neoglycolipids, trichloroacetimidates, thioglycosides, glycals and amino sugars.

Dextra Laboratories United Kingdom

Dextra Laboratories is a glycobiology company offering a catalogue of biomedical carbohydrates including monosaccharides, cell adhesion oligosaccharides, glycoconjugates, blood group antigens and analogs, complex N-linked oligosaccharides and many more. info

Omicron Biochemicals, Inc. develops new and improved methods to introduce stable isotopes, primarily 13C, 2H, 15N and 18O, into biologically-important compounds. We specialize in the synthesis of labeled carbohydrates, nucleosides, and their derivatives.

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VASTox United Kingdom

We have experience in synthesising a wide range of carbohydrate derivatives including azasugars, oligosaccharides, glycopeptides, nucleosides, metabolites and natural products.

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Sussex Research assists in research, drug discovery and development through provision of a portfolio of advanced glycosylation products and carbohydrate synthesis solutions for development of molecules that incorporate glycotechnology.

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Carbohydrate Synthesis Ltd specialise in the chemical synthesis of oligosaccharides and carbohydate-related compounds.

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Custom synthesis of carbohydrate derivatives for the chemical and pharmaceutical use is what we do. Glycoteam chemists are specialised in sugar and organic chemistry.

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