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Glycoteam GmbH

The company Glycoteam GmbH was founded by Dr. Eusebius Wieczorek (Managing Director) and Dr. Julian Thimm (Management Consultant) in 2000.

Glycoteam GmbH focuses on the synthesis of the following components in milligram to kilogram scale: carbohydrate compounds; donors for glycosylation (i.e. glycals, thioglycosides, halides, imidates, phosphates), deoxy derivatives, protected sugars, amino sugars and uronic acid derivatives, complex glycoconjugates, oligosaccharides and derivatives, saccharide mimetics, alditols and pseudosugars.

Glycoteam GmbH also offers synthesis of special derivatives with novel and unusual structures, which are not available on the market.

Contact Information

Address: Georg-Wilhelm-Str. 5, D-21107 Hamburg, Germany
Telephone number: +49-40-238 57911
Fax number: +49-40-238 57920 7917
Web page:

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