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Arkè Organics

Arkè Organics is a private company founded in november 2001 by two process chemists with a collective experience of 40 years in the field of organic syntheses.

Arkè Organics is a contract research company focused on synthetic chemistry services to the pharma industry. Arkè Organics offers early chemistry services (synthetic support to medicinal chemistry) syntheses for toxicological studies Pre phase I process development targeted to IND filing.

Some of our technologies: Asimmetric syntesis and chiral pool technologies, Glycosidations, Reactions from -110 to +180 C, Halogenations, sulphochlorinations, Friedel Crafts, Oxidations.

Arke Organics' products are listed in our database. Use the following links to browse Arke Organics' chemicals: 1 2.

Contact Information

Address: Zona Industriale della Botte 4, 56012 Fornacette PI, Italy
Telephone number: +39 0587421645
Fax number: +39 0587421645
Web page:

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