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Do you require a compound that is not commercially available? An impurity needed in your cGMP process? Are you looking for a small quantity of a standard used in pharmacological screening?

In GalChimia we prepare these and other compounds at the request of our clients, all under the strictest confidentiality. We adapt ourselves to your needs. We can provide the synthetic procedure to be followed; we can reproduce published methods; or we can design and test new routes for your compounds. We always aim to find the best solution.

Each product is supported by full analytic documentation and MSDS. And if you need the compound and the preparation method, we are prepared to supply you with a reproducible, well-documented method.

GalChimia's products are listed in our database. Use the following links to browse GalChimia's chemicals: 1 2.


Contact Information

  • Address: Cebreiro, s/n, 15823 O Pino, A Coruca, SPAIN
  • Telephone number: +34 981 814 506
  • Fax number: +34 981 814 507
  • Web page:

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