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BioFocus DPI

As the service division of Galapagos, BioFocus DPI offers a full suite of target-to-drug discovery products and services.

Our aim is to expand our partners' drug pipeline by accelerating the gene-to-candidate discovery process. We achieve this by offering a biologically -focused discovery platform with three key differentiators - target discovery in human primary cells; focused as well as diverse compound libraries; and predictive drug discovery tools.

Our services include custom assay development, assay formatting for HTS and compound screening for hit finding, hit-to-lead and lead optimization.

Our focused libraries are designed to modulate biological targets while adhering to drug-like or lead-like criteria. This intelligent design results in higher quality compounds that lead to the faster generation of new clinical candidates.

As part of our hit-to-lead/lead optimization services, we offer a kinase profiling service for the discovery and characterization of kinase inhibitors. This profiling service includes assays for over 150 active protein kinases, representing all major branches of the human kinome.


Contact Information

  • Address: Chesterford Research Park, Saffron Walden, Essex, CB10 1XL, United Kingdom
  • Telephone number: +44 1799 533 500
  • Fax number: +44 1799 531 495
  • Web page: www.biofocus.com

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