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Find chemicals in our continually updated database of rare organic chemicals for research and development. You can search for chemical by IUPAC and trade name, part of name, Smiles, CAS Registry Number, molecular formula, structure or substructure.

If you are a chemicals supplier and have compounds that cannot be found in the major catalogues (Sigma-Aldrich, Acros Organics, Fisher Scientific, etc) you can add your chemicals to our database. If you'd like to submit files, please contact us and tell us where we can download the files. The preferred format is MDL SD file format.

• Text Search

This is the fastest and the easiest way to search in the database. You just enter a value/keyword and click on the search button. The program will then try to find corresponding products by looking for CAS Registry Number (e.g. 101066-61-9), molecular formula (e.g. C10H12FN), product name (e.g. 2-phenylpiperidine) and part of name (e.g. imidazol)

• Search by Structure

The "Search by Structure" is used to locate substances by chemical substructure or structure. Simply draw a structure fragment or structure in the JME Molecular Editor and click the search button. Use the following links to search the R&D Chemicals database by drawing structures: Structure Search.

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