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CombiPhos Catalysts, Inc. is a combinatorial technology-based application company which develops, manufactures, markets, uses, and sells a wide variety of highly active, air-stable homogeneous catalysts (POPd, POPd1, POPd2, POPd3, POPd4, POPd5, POPd6, POPd7, PXPd, PXPd2, PXPd2-Br, PXPd3, PXPd4, PXPd6, PXPd7, CombiPhos-Pd6, and CombiPhos-Kit), which are made with both proprietary technologies and technologies licensed from DuPont Company.

CombiPhos Catalysts, Inc. is developing and commercializing new, highly active and air-stable chiral/achiral catalysts by applying novel combinatorial technologies.

CombiPhos Catalysts, Inc. manufactures novel chemical intermediates (kg to ton scale) through catalytic reactions, including novel derivatives of pyridine-2-boronic acids, pyridine-4-boronic acids, pyrimidine-4-boronic acids, pyrazine-2-boronic acids, pyridazine-3-boronic acids, and indazole-5-boronic acids via catalytic transformations.

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  • Address: P.O. Box 220, Princeton, New Jersey 08542-0220, USA
  • Telephone number: (732)-355-0880
  • Fax number: (732)-355-1192
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