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Intatrade Chemicals Ltd

Our key position is providing of quick and optimal solution on market of fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals and their intermediates, dyes, organo-metallic and inorganic compounds with Reo or high purity, custom synthesis products.

We offer boronic acids and borate compounds, phosphinocompounds, ferrocenes derivates, alkene and cycloalkene, different sulphonylchlorides, indole and indolenine derivates, building blocks for combinatorial chemistry, isocyanates and isothiocyanates, adamantane derivates, benzene derivates, aliphatic, aromatic and heterocyclic amines, nitro compounds, phenols and thiophenols, etc.

Full technical support for these product is provided by our strong partners. Thanks to our close working relationship with numerous suppliers from former Soviet union countries, we offer 70% of all our products from Russian/Ukrainian Universities and producers from grams to commercial quantities. WE would be pleased to discuss with you possible ways to find the best possible solution for your demand.


Contact Information

  • Address: Vierzoner Strasse 14, D-06749 Bitterfeld, Germany
  • Telephone number: +49 3493/605464
  • Fax number: +49 3493/605470
  • Web page:

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