Suppliers of High Throughput Screening Equipment

The listed companies offer microwell plates, automated compound storage systems, liquid handling system, high throughput sonication and other equipment for high throughput screening.

Aurora Biomed provides enabling technologies, assay services, and reagents for drug discovery research, drug safety screening, liquid-handling, and laboratory automation. The initial focus of Aurora Biomed was on high-throughput ion channel drug discovery so as to address the recent shift of resources in the pharmaceutical industry towards addressing drug safety issues earlier in the discovery process.

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MatriCal offers a wide range of products for high throughput screening, assays, and sample management in life science and pharmaceutical research including microwell plates, automated compound storage systems, and high throughput sonication.

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BioMicroLab manufacturers robotics platforms for tube handling and weighing for Society of Biomolecular Screening type tube racks. All BioMicroLab products are designed to provide fast sample processing, unattended operation, and robust sample management.

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PerkinElmer's unmatched capabilities in liquid handling, chemistry, and detection allow us to offer the best and most extensive range of solutions for drug discovery, from advanced assay technologies to ultra high throughput plate imagers and readers to custom labeling and assay services.

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TekCel USA

Microplate, tube, and cryo vial management systems for pharmaceutical drug discovery laboratory automation, including inert low temperature compound storage and retrieval, liquid handling, and high throughput screening (HTS) assays.

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