High Throughput Screening Equipment Company Profile


The Life & Analytical Sciences division of PerkinElmer provides drug discovery, genetic screening and chemical analysis instrumentation, reagents and services for scientific research and clinical applications.

PerkinElmer is committed to helping its customers advance science to improve the way we live. For our biopharma customers, we offer integrated solutions that accelerate the drug discovery process, improve time-to-market, help meet regulatory requirements and create greater manufacturing efficiencies.

Our clinical screening customers rely on our comprehensive screening systems to accurately and efficiently detect genetic deficiencies and abnormalities, and thousands of scientists and researchers around the world depend on our application-driven laboratory solutions to provide results that are fast, reliable and precise.


Contact Information

  • Address: 45 William Street, Wellesley, MA 02481-4078, USA
  • Telephone number: (+1) 203-925-4602
  • Fax number: (+1) 203-944-4904
  • Web page: www.las.perkinelmer.com

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