Peptide Synthesis Service

custom synthesis of peptides for research and development and therapeutic purposes

Target Libraries

GPCR Ligands, Kinase Modulators, Ion channel, Protease Inhibitors and others targeted libraries

Custom Synthesis Service

chemical custom synthesis of novel and rare
organic compounds at the gram and kg scales

Compound Libraries

synthetic organic compounds designed for high throughput screening and hit-to-lead programs

Organic Building Blocks

compounds for organic chemistry, combinatorial chemistry and lead optimization projects

Isotope Labeled Compounds

isotopically labeled compounds for medical, agricultural and environmental research

Custom Carbohydrate Synthesis

synthesis of monosaccharides, oligosaccharides
and others carbohydrate related compounds

Natural Compounds

compounds isolated from natural sources such as marine species, microorganisms, plants etc

Fine Chemicals

biochemicals, laboratory chemicals, organic intermediates, active pharmaceutical ingredients

Cheminformatics Software

software solutions in chemistry, drug discovery, cheminformatics, bioinformatics, molecular modeling

HTS Equipment

equipment for high throughput screening assays, automated compound management and storage

Drug Discovery Service

services to speed up drug discovery: hit finding, high throughput screening, hit-to-lead, lead optimization

Online Chemical Database

a database of rare chemicals searchable for free using a chemist-friendly search engine.

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