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Albany Molecular Research, Inc

Founded in 1991, Albany Molecular Research, Inc. (Nasdaq: AMRI) is a chemistry-based drug discovery, development and manufacturing company, focusing on small molecule prescription drugs.

Our Premium Library consists of 170,000 wells of pre-fractionated extracts prepared from plants, marine invertebrates and fermented microorganisms derived from the broadest geographic and environmental diversity available. Microorganisms isolated for fermentations are phylogenetically and genomically characterized by 16s rDNA to ensure breadth of diversity and provide an information database useful for de-replication in drug discovery decisions. In addition, a unique relational database of geographical, biological, phylogenetic and analytical chemical information supports the rapid identification of bioactivity arising from screening of the library.

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Address: Albany Molecular Research, Inc., 21 Corporate Circle, Albany, NY 12203, USA
Telephone number: 518-464-0279
Fax number: 518-464-0289
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