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InB:Hauser is a leading contract research and manufacturing organization. We have extensive expertise in developing natural products for both dietary supplement and pharmaceutical applications and in creating new compounds through our semi-synthesis and custom synthesis capabilities.

We provide complete support for the CMC section of a DMF filing with our extensive analytical capabilities including NMR and MS/MS. We can manufacture API for use in pre-clinical studies, all phases of clinical studies and for commercial production. We are and FDA registered facility and have been inspected by the FDA.

InB:Hauser specializes in purification of high value and high potency chemicals from complex mixtures. InB:Hauser has developed proprietary extraction and purification technology, Dynamic Liquid / Solid Extraction (DLSESM) and Liquid / Liquid Focusing (LLFSM).

More traditional types of chromatography - including Prep-HPLC and large scale, medium and low pressure chromatography along with automated fractionation - are used to purify a variety of materials from natural sources.

InB:Hauser's synthetic team makes milligram to multi-kilogram quantities of development candidates, synthetic intermediates and APIs for pre-clinical R&D, all phases of clinical trials and commercial use. InB:Hauser has a proven track record in assisting clients with problem-solving expertise well beyond the initial drug discovery stage.


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  • Address: 6880 North Broadway, Suite H, Denver, CO 80221
  • Telephone number: (720) 406-4700
  • Fax number: (303) 412-8644
  • Web page:

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