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LifePharms, Inc.

LifePharms is a biotechnology company that is focusing of discovering novel lead compounds from natural products for both medicinal and agricultural uses.

LifePharms, Inc. natural product collection consists of extracts from the fruiting bodies of basidiomycetes and ascomycetes. All of our samples were collected in the wild. As a result, they have been subjected to a variety of environmental stresses and insults. Many compounds already in use as drugs are likely to be such defensive chemicals whose synthesis is enhanced by predation or insult.The fruiting bodies are the reproductive phase of the fungi. Many are brightly colored and vulnerable to attack from a wide variety of pests such are bacteria, nematodes, insects, browsing animals ando ther fungi. Their survival, however, is critical for reproduction of the species, and thus they have evolved sophisticated chemical defenses. Fungi growing in the wild, in the presence of environmental challenges and cues, produce secondary metabolites that may not be synthesized on artifical substrates or under sterile culture conditions. There are about 16,000 to 20,000 different species in North America.


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