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Magellan Bioscience Group

Magellan BioScience Group, Inc. was founded with the mission to provide a new, untapped source of microbial extracts for drug discovery, agrochemical, enzyme, and specialty chemical research.

Magellan's collection of over 10,000 marine microbes is both unique and highly valuable. Our collection has not been systemically assayed for drug discovery or agrochemical screening purposes.

In addition, we have one of the largest collections of terrestrial fungi - collected from over 55 countries from around the world. This collection, of over 60,000 (unencumbered by the 1992 Rio Treaty) is by far the largest private collection of "culturable" fungi.

These unique collections, together with our experience in cultivating these organisms, makes us an ideal discovery partner for companies interested in accessing the chemical diversity of natural products.


Contact Information

  • Address: 6101 Johns Road, Suite 8, Tampa, FL 33634, USA.
  • Telephone number: +1-727-865-1300
  • Fax number: +1-813-514-9401
  • Web page:

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