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Bio-Synthesis, Inc. is a leader in providing integrated custom synthesis solutions for life science research worldwide. With a vision for innovation, Bio-Synthesis offers expertise in technologies from oligo synthesis such as DNA, RNA, LNA, PNA to peptides, antibody, organic synthesis and molecular reagents. Bio-Synthesis carries a broad line of chemical modifications, labelings, special synthesis, conjugations, arrays services and reagents for basic research, high-throughput screening and drug discovery.

As a company founded by researchers, we recognize the inextricable connection between our commitment to provide quality products and success of one's research. With over 20 years of experience in synthesis technique, we are able to optimize our process and delivery products that meet our clientís specifications of quality, time and budget. Bio-Synthesisís full commitment to quality is exemplified by our certifications and accreditations. All products are manufactured according to strict ISO and GMP/GLP guidelines and are accompanied with certificates of analysis. All Bio-Synthesisís products are manufactured in our own facilities located in Lewisville, Texas.

Our strategy for leadership in custom synthesis is to provide an affordable, unrestricted way to support our clientís research expedition. Our professional customer support staff is always ready to answer your order and technical inquiries with personalized, attentive care. Additionally, you could be assured that your large volume contract research and collaborative custom projects are conducted under the strictest confidentiality. At Bio-Synthesis you can depend on fast, reliable and efficient project execution to meet your needs.


Contact Information

  • Address: 612 East Main Street, Lewisville, TX 75057, USA
  • Telephone number: +1-972-420-8505
  • Fax number: +1-972-420-0442
  • Web page:

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