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California Peptide Research

California Peptide Research, Inc. established in 1993, is located in the beautiful Napa Valley of Northern California. Its well equipped laboratory and experienced staff assures you of the highest quality products.

We provide peptides for both research and bulk pharmeceutical trials. A staff with decades of experience in peptide chemistry will help you with the design and synthesis of your custom peptides and with the technical information necessary to help you optimize your research results.

Custom peptides are synthesized in solid phase, cleaved, then purified up to a required level. Our standard purity is 98 %, but lower purities like 80 % or 90 % are available at substantial savings.


Contact Information

  • Address: 918 Enterprise Way, Suite I, Napa, CA 94538, USA
  • Telephone number: 707-224-8675
  • Fax number: 707-224-8678
  • Web page:

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