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ChemPep Inc.

ChemPep Inc., a manufacturer and supplier of fine chemicals, provides innovative products and services for organic and medicinal chemists in the area of combinatorial chemistry, solid phase synthesis, peptide and organic chemistry.

Featured Products
• Fmoc and Boc Protected Amino Acids
• Peptide Coupling Reagents
• N-Protecting Reagents
• Linkers for Solid Phase Synthesis
• Resins for Peptide Synthesis
• Fmoc-Amino Acids Wang Resins
• Amino Acids 2-Chlorotrityl Resins

Featured Services
• Custom Peptide Synthesis
With experienced chemists and state-of-the-art facilities, ChemPep possesses the powerful research and development capability to provide high quality products from gram to kilogram. ChemPep makes every effort to serve the customers to their satisfaction.

Contact Information

Address: 7225 NW 68th St, Suite 5, Miami, FL 33166
Telephone number: 305-805-9395
Fax number: 305-805-9231
Web page:

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