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ChinaTech Peptide Co. Ltd

ChinaTech Peptide Co. Ltd. (CNT), who has built up strategic partnership with Chinese Academic of Science for years, is one of the world's leading companies specializing in gram to industrial scale manufacture of custom and generic peptides for various applications.

We have build up complete flexibility with a choice of peptide laboratories, pilot plant and GMP level factory to satisfy all kinds of requirement from our customers around the world. Besides, an effective service system is applied to keep all the businesses running smoothly and promptly. For years we have been cooperating with research organizations, universities and pharmaceutical companies throughout the world and good reputation is earned by our excellent performances.

We can synthesize molecule custom-tailored to your special requirement from milligram to kilogram, from two to fifty amino acid residues, including kinds of modification or special package requirement. CNT also can offer kinds of high quality generic peptide which can be used in pharmaceutical, agricultural and veterinary products. We also provide the service of custom synthesis according to the requirement of our customer.


Contact Information

  • Address: NO199, HUAYUAN EAST ROAD, MUDU SUZHOU, Jiangsu, 215101, China
  • Telephone number: 86 (0512) 6687 9026
  • Fax number: 86 (0512) 6657 7495
  • Web page:

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