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JPT Peptide Technologies GmbH

JPT Peptide Technologies GmbH uses its portfolio of proprietary technologies to provide ultra-fast and highly economical peptide synthesis services to the scientific community worldwide. JPT chemically synthesizes annually well over 150,000 individual peptides ranging from highly challenging ultra-pure peptidomimetics and long peptides to complex peptide libraries consisting of thousands of fully characterized peptides.

JPT is the only company worldwide providing access to peptide libraries spanning entire genomes of relevant species.

JPT has an excellent decade-long track record for providing peptide synthesis services to researchers at universities, pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide. JPT’s peptide synthesis facility is committed to the highest quality standards with all services abiding by an ISO 9001:2000 certified Quality Management System.


Contact Information

  • Address: Volmerstrasse 5 (UTZ), 12489 Berlin, Germany
  • Telephone number: +49-30-6392-7878
  • Fax number: +49-30-6392-7888
  • Web page:

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