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Peptides International

Peptides International was founded by Dr. Arno F. Spatola in Louisville, Kentucky, USA in 1983. Specializing in a wide variety of high purity, biologically active peptides and peptide-related products and services, Peptides International manufactures and distributes biochemical products for major research institutions throughout the world.

We specialize in amino acids (derivatives, protected, and unusual), enzyme substrates and related compounds, enzyme inhibitors(ubenimex), biologically active peptides, peptide antisera and toxins (margatoxin), resins and reagents for solid phase peptide and organic synthesis and an expanding line of combinatorial chemistry accessories.

Our proprietary research interests include new applications for CLEAR resins; MMP inhibitors; membrane based peptide synthesis; mild forms of solid phase cleavage techniques; new types of combinatorial chemistry; and unusual amino acid synthesis, including asymmetric synthesis, amide bond surrogates, and peptide mimetics.


Contact Information

  • Address: 11621 Electron Drive, Louisville, Kentucky 40299, USA
  • Telephone number: 502-266-8787
  • Fax number: 502-267-1329
  • Web page:

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