Focused Compound Libraries Suppliers

The listed companies offer collections of compounds that may have a higher probability of interacting with potential drug targets (GPCR Ligands, Kinase Modulators, Ion Channel, Protease, Nuclear Hormone, etc.).

DPI's extensive experience in medicinal chemistry and parallel synthesis enables us to offer sophisticated targeted libraries that can usually be delivered within eight weeks of receipt of an order. Multiple designs around any target class are possible based on proven chemistry procedures from over 500 library protocols.

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At Neurion we synthesize focused libraries based on our proprietary pharmacophore models of drug binding sites and ligand-protein interactions. Neurion has access to automated electrophysiology instruments with the throughput needed to screen focused compound libraries.

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Polyphor Switzerland

Once a hit has been identified in the primary screening, Polyphor offers the synthesis of focused follow-up libraries (usually about 50 - 200 compounds) on an exclusive basis. The structures are the result of a joint design process.

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Otava Ukraine

Otava supplies target-focused compound libraries and protein kinase inhibitors. The focused libraries are generated on the base of virtual screening with accounting of critical (key) receptor-ligand interactions.

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ComGenex Hungary

Presently, ComGenex owns 260,000 "pharma relevant", discrete structures for multitarget screening purposes in various (1- 50 mg) quantities. This primary discovery compound collection is composed of about cca. 150 core structures (chemical themes) and the analogue sub-library's size is 1000- 4000 compounds/ scaffold as an average, based on the stock availability.

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Enamine Ukraine

Taking advantage of the state-of-the-art software and expertise in organic chemistry, our experienced personnel elaborate target-oriented libraries using structure-based design and docking methodologies.

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Cerep France

Cerep Focused libraries are chemically centered on specific privileged structures. They are designed to provide medicinal chemists with a tool for the fast exploration of SAR of specific structures.

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