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ComGenex is a creative and dynamic company that is specialized in drug discovery technologies. Since 2001, ComGenex has focused on complex chemistry related discovery provision services. We have developed technologies to bridge the gap from genomics/proteomics to novel drug candidates.

Sourced from ComGenex's Discovery Library (200,000 cpds) a diverse set is in vitro measured to assess activity for a given biological assay. The active structures become a source pool for identification of related structures chosen by a daylight-type of structural similarity algorithm using proprietary molecular fingerprint.

The compounds with sufficient Tanimoto similarity level are screened again to refine the selection process. After several cycles, the collection represents a concise discovery library, covering a large diversity space and focused to yield more screening hits for stated biological targets.

All Activerse® libraries will contain 200-1000 discrete compounds (multiple scaffolds) with confirmed purity (>85%) and identity as well as a rich array of ADME/Tox relevant data for library members and metabolites of library members.

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Address: Budapest, H-1031 Hungary, 7. Zahony u.
Telephone number: +36-1-214-2306
Fax number: +36-1-214-2310
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