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Enamine is one of the top providers of screening libraries for pre-clinical drug discovery and agro chemistry worldwide. Currently Enamine offers its customers one of the largest and the most chemically diverse proprietary screening collection of small organic compounds in the world.

Our Molecular Modeling department is capable of performing complex computation tasks associated with computer aided drug design, from ADME properties prediction and database profiling to lead optimization and designing focused and targeted libraries for a variety of biologically significant targets.

The Screening Collection of Enamine now exceeds 500,000 compounds. We understand that large size and high diversity level might complicate choice for the customers looking for a broad range of compounds. Growing demand for original drug-like structures on the market prompted us to offer various preformed sets from this superb library of screening compounds. These sets will be of particular interest for companies setting an in-house compounds collections or constantly running screening projects again different targets.

Following sets are offered: Diversity Set, Drug-Like Diversity Set, Lead-Like Set, Fragment-Like Set, Kinase-Set, Bestseller Set.


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  • Address: 23 Alexandra Matrosova Street, 01103 KIEV, Ukraine
  • Telephone number: +380 44 537 32 18
  • Fax number: +380 44 529 16 69
  • Web page:

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