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Polyphor Ltd is a privately owned Swiss company founded in 1996. The headquater of Polyphor Ltd is located in Allschwil near Basle in one of Europe's most dynamic biotech regions, known as the Bio Valley.

The Polyphor General Screening Libraries consists of roughly 25 000 single small-molecular-weight compounds of high purity derived from close to 100 original core structures.

Once a hit has been identified in the primary screening, Polyphor offers the synthesis of focused follow-up libraries (usually about 50 - 200 compounds) on an exclusive basis. The deliverables are the same as for the Polyphor Library except for the quantity, which is normally 25 mg, and the fact that the compounds are delivered exclusively to one customer. At any time, the customer can file patents without any additional fee. Generic procedures and analytical data required for patent filing are transferred upon request.


Contact Information

  • Address: Gewerbestrasse 14, CH-4123 Allschwil, Switzerland
  • Telephone number: +41 61 486 98 98
  • Fax number: +41 61 486 98 69
  • Web page:

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